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Festival Free Shop

Whilst we try to find homes for as many of the reclaimed items as possible, things like camping chairs, airbeds and wellies are often difficult to pass on because they’re in such low demand. 

However, they are some of the most wanted items on festival sites, and once bought they are often abandoned on site. To tackle this problem of single-usability, we created the ‘Festival Free Shop’.


Fully stocked with reclaimed camping equipment, we rent out items to festival-goers for a £10 deposit per item. If an item is returned to us in one piece at the end of the festival then we have successfully prevented the unnecessary purchase and immediate disposal of the item, otherwise the £10 goes into the charity bank account to be used to prevent such waste in the future!

The shop can also be used as a drop-off point for donations of tents and sleeping bags that people choose to pass on after the festival, and as a general info point from which to spread our message of sustainability.

For more information or to invite us to run the Festival Free Shop at your festival, please get in touch at [email protected]

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