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Campsite Engagement and Awareness

People go to festivals to have fun. Cleaning up isn’t always seen as cool or enjoyable. We need to make it that way.

Having worked and volunteered in campsite engagement we realise that handing someone a rubbish bag is one thing but getting them to want to fill it is another. Approaching someone and opening with ‘Do you recycle?’ doesn’t always make the best starting place for behavioural change, especially at events with an established ‘culture of chaos’ where trashing campsites is the norm. The important factor is creating a fun environment through music, performance, games and prizes in order to create a middle ground where important conversations can be had.


By running a recycling point in the campsites with games and performances that genuinely engage an audience, and having roaming volunteers with mobile games spreading information on sustainability and encouraging customers to clean up after themselves and take their belongings home, we believe we can begin to change attitudes and behaviours at festivals that are currently seen as acceptable.


The fact that charities and NGOs are given space to raise awareness of their work at festivals is fantastic and should be encouraged. It shows that a festival is willing to contribute to positive behavioural change both at their events and in the wider community. The large scale issue of tent abandonment at UK festivals is at a stage where direct action and engagement is needed in order to see any improvement. That is why roaming campsite engagement activities are so effective at kickstarting behavioural change.


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