FWRD Together

FWRD is the first and only registered charity in the UK dedicated to helping the most vulnerable in society through the collection and redistribution of abandoned items at festivals.

Every year thousands upon thousands of perfectly good tents, sleeping bags, rollmats and other reusable items are left on festival sites, and the vast majority of them end up either in landfill or in an incinerator.

It is our goal to prevent this fate for as many of the items as possible.

Chris M.

We know that this isn’t a solution to campsite waste but is a direct response to two issues: the carelessness of festival attendees and the suffering of many who go without.

We’re keen to work with festivals to reduce the abandonment issues in campsites with the ‘Free Shop’ and other engagement tactics.




We need more

  • Could you help by offering a day of your time to help salvage after a festival?
  • Could you organise a team to salvage?
  • Could you help with a van to transport the salvage to the storage unit?
  • Could you help with more storage around the UK?
  • Could you help by paying FWRD to reduce your landfill at a festival?
  • Could your charity benefit from the salvage we collect?

If you think you can help, we’d love to hear from you!